JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace for private jet charter that operates worldwide. It is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The company allows users to charter a jet from any location in the world. Using a mobile app, users can access the private jet marketplace, thereby eliminating the middle man. This makes the process easy and affordable. The application decreases the price of membership and also helps air carriers gain more exposure within the market.

JetSmarter’s full range of services are available in three categories JetCharter, JetDeals and JetShuttle. This allows allows members to quickly and easily find a flight that’s right for them. Here is the breakdown of each service:

  • JetCharter – Whole aircraft charter where users customize their trip based on destination and aircraft. This feature is available worldwide in over 170 countries
  • JetDeals – Exclusive, one-way flights on private jets offered free for members of the app
  • JetShuttle – Shared aircraft charter, offered at a fraction of the price. Users can choose Scheduled JetShuttles, single seats on already scheduled flights in select US markets. Or they can create their own JetShuttle. These are shared aircraft charter offered at a reduced price, where the cost of a flight is split amongst travelers with similar itinerary.

Upon selecting the flight they want, users are able to see a photo of the plane they chose along with its safety records. Chartering a private plane can often be comparable in price or even less expensive than conventional commercial air travel. The app also allows passengers to set up alerts for empty leg flights (when a revenue gaining aircraft operates without carrying passengers) leaving their chosen cities.

JetSmarter has 3,000 private jets and 2,000 free empty legs and they guarantee its members that the flights as well as booking will be available year round.

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